“To shift the boundaries of ‘impossible’, imagine like a child, think like a scientist and train like an athlete.” – Jamie DeNovo

You will find this book is not one of the many written by authors who have never had to walk their talk or whose background has softened their misfortunes with resources and advantages outside the experience or access of the average, in-the-trenches person. It was written by and from the real world. This author has read all the books, bought the CD’s and DVDs, taken the courses, and like most real-world people, battled with discouragement and guilt, trying to follow through on the too-complex or (for me) unrealistic instructions.

Although the original concept for Six I.M.Possible Things was conceived years ago, the story line and circumstances under which it came to be written were drastically altered from what I’d envisioned. On the brink of fulfilling a life-long impossible dream, the culmination of years of sacrifice and against-the-odds achievements and groundwork, the unthinkable happened. Overnight, the dream was ripped away, engulfed by a monstrous nightmare from which there was no awakening. All safety nets had been pulled away, rescuers blockaded, and every guide rule obliterated. At every turn, villains posing as heroes had pulled off their masks and taken command. I always believed there was no such thing as impossible, but I’ve never known there could be such a black, black place. There was no paradigm, no map through this territory. And for once there seemed no way to ever rebound. I was the person who had always said “I don’t believe in impossible.” And now I could only say “I don’t believe.”

If you’ve ever been catapulted into a deeply traumatic event, you may know the feeling of coming up against a wall, where you’re working with nothing, in a mental black hole. You’re not in a place where ‘You-can-do-it. Think positive.’ books and speeches are any more helpful than ‘You’ve got to get past it.’. All you really need to know is ‘What is beside me that I can grab onto that is going to take me one more step into some better future, some small hope? How can I keep moving forward in the next moment from this place I am now?’ Despite all the books, friends, therapy and advice, there was something very basic lacking. Something no one else could see. So I had to find the missing pieces or die. With much prayer and soul-searching, I did find those pieces, not surprisingly by looking where no one else had thought to look.

They say everyday holds the possibility of a miracle – something extraordinary and wonderful we can make possible. Or make way in ourselves to allow. These outcomes are what I now call I.M.Possibilities – unrealized potentials and achievements that can bring rewards beyond what we envisioned if we are willing to open the way. To do that now, I realized, I would have to change myself on unfamiliar, even painful levels. The impossible was not going to go away because I’d like it to. The catalyst had to originate with me. A solution could not appear until I did something differently to ‘Make it Possible.’

The aha moment came one terrible day, when terrified by my increasing downward spiral, my husband, generally very controlled, got very upset. And one of the things he said was, “Your positive energy used to ignite any room you entered. Now your anger and grief are so strong, they are push every one out of your life. Remember the past, when people asked how our little company had broken into one of the toughest markets in the world? You’d always laugh and repeat that saying about doing up to six impossible things before breakfast. I can’t fight this battle for you; it’s the battle inside. Please find the strength do the impossible one more time, if not for you, for reasons bigger than you, and for all of us who love you? Evil threw a bomb into our lives, but it’s in your power to pull the final victory out of the wreckage. Nothing can stop you but you.”

More out of nostalgia than anything else, I looked up the scene from Alice In Wonderland, from which I had so glibly misquoted. I read, “There’s no use trying,” Said Alice; ”One can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice.” said the Queen, “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”

“I used to be the Queen.” I thought sadly. “I believed in impossible things. Now I’m just like Alice.” And then, suddenly, I recognized a formula whereby one person was able to create new realities which others had believed ‘impossible’. What if accomplishing the seemingly impossible really was like building and training muscle. If we know how to practice in the right way, the more we do. And the more we do, the more we can do. Even if we don’t believe at first, we have a way to get there! And so began a journey that took me through the halls of neuroscience, down the rabbit hole, through the past of unlikely heroes and back into the real world to test my discoveries. Incredibly, I was able to elicit the mentorship of one of the world’s foremost neuroscientists, as well as support from other experts in the fields of psychiatry and muscle training and rehabilitation.

My researches also included interviews with many people who had faced overwhelming adversity and major setbacks while in pursuit of an ‘impossible’ dream. To achieve success, each had to let go of something familiar and ingrained, and take on a rebuilding process involving definite, identifiable patterns.

The result is a powerful micro blueprint for building, shaping and retraining brain patterns and changing our outcomes. You will not find it in any other book or program. Universal in nature, all tools and processes are easily personalized and adaptable. Every reader can immediately begin to experience results and re-script outcomes in his or her real world. Time and again while preparing this book, I was able to see the principles work for myself and others involved in its creation. As each barrier arose, an I.M.Possible muscle exercise was created; one that could be practiced anytime to push through self-defeating behaviors and successfully navigate adversity, chaos and confusion.

Moment by tiny moment, through mindful practice, research, consultation, error correction and perseverance, the impossible gave way to I.M.Possible. Six I.M.Possible Things, by all traditional standards, would have been declared an impossible undertaking. But it was completed and is transforming impossible situations to I.M.Possible triumphs in the lives of people of all ages, under any circumstances, continuing proof that these processes do work.

The success I had dreamed of only came about as a result of coming to appreciate this vital reality: We never know when or how our life will end, but we do have two choices in any given moment of crisis: We can ‘die crying’ or ‘die trying’. I chose the latter, and because of that choice, I can offer new hope and empowerment to fellow underdogs with an impossible dream.

Six I.M.Possible Things is dedicated to each and every person now struggling to achieve their own version of success in the face of overwhelming odds. It is my gift to anyone who has ever been a hero and lost the feeling, who wants to be a hero but doesn’t believe they can, or who believes they are heroes but know that a hero’s greatest danger lurks in his blind spots. Just as many fibers interact and come together in definite ways when building strong, agile physical muscle, all will learn how to identify, then develop and strengthen the fibers that underlie a heroic personal ability to achieve I.M.Possible things! In whatever guise the impossible confronts you, you can rebuild your power to overcome and transform great weakness into great strength…starting in the very next moment.

“All the great achievements of history have been made by strong individuals who refused to consult statistics or to listen to those who could prove convincingly that what they wanted to do, and in fact ultimately did do, was completely impossible.” —Eric Butterworth, minister, author