Global Dreamers Guild

Global Dreamers Guild Inc. (GDG), Global Dreamers Guild Logo established by Jamie DeNovo in 2009, is a visionary company devoted to providing superlative literary and media content.

Global Dreamers Guild Inc LogoThe ultimate mission of Global Dreamers Guild is to finance and support the production of literary and media projects meeting exceptionally high standards for engaging quality content and positive global appeal.

It is GDG’s vision to develop a Board of Directors made up of highly reputable, influential and accredited individuals from diverse behavioral sciences, media, professional, social and corporate sectors.

This Board will work together with DeNovo to screen any media projects submitted for GDG criteria. If a project is approved, Global Dreamers Guild will arrange for funding or a portion of the funding to develop the project.

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to book, film, T.V., website, internet, educational and personal and professional development platforms.

In conjunction with neuroscience-based research, and evidentiary brain and behavior modulators, all project and products created or endorsed through GDG must meet exacting standards for quality, content and message.

I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind

The Power to Achieve Success When Success Seems Impossible

All products endorsed by GDG Inc. will be identified by the Global Dreamers Guild seal of approval. Products already extant may, for a fee, apply to GDG for a review of their product.

When this seal is present on a book, movie or other product, customers will immediately know it meets quality standards. I.M.Possible™ Empowerment will be implicit in Global Dreamers Guild products.

GDG will also seek partners, alliances and affiliates, donating a portion of project profits to I.M.Possible empowerment to those who need it most.

“I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind: The Power to Achieve Success When Success Seems Impossible” is Global Dreamer’s inaugural project.

It is the first in a multi-faceted innovative book series that brings a unique approach to the field of motivation, inspiration and self-reinvention.

Based on the latest brain science research, this series takes an innovative, real-world approach to helping people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures gain new insights and greater power to transcend obstacles, navigate frustration and adversity and create positive new realities.