Jamie DeNovoWelcome to I-M-Possible Power Post, where my goal is to unravel the latest brain science and bring it into our real world in ways that will help you stretch and expand your ability to transform chaos and crisis into life-changing victories. Under the mentoring of neuroscience pioneer, Dr. Bryan Kolb, neuropyscho psychiatrist Dr. Roy Turner and muscle and rehabilitations specialist, Carl McDonald, I eventually created a system of processes anyone can customize, as I did, to break away from cyclic or deadend thinking and behaviors and achieve positive outcomes that now seem impossible.

As anyone who has worked with one knows, professional trainers seem to have an inborn sadistic streak. It’s part of the price clients pay for increased physical prowess. Though there are striking similarities between building physical muscle and building life results, I-M-Possible Power Post uses less extreme means to motivate your brain (I.M.Possible muscle) and elevate your mental flex, stretch and resiliance. So when the going gets tough, and tougher, you’ll be better equipped to respond effectively – and to transform pains into new gains.

For those of you not yet familiar with my work, I’m a long-time executive entrepreneur, author,serial life-hacker,researcher and pioneer. I’m always primed and ready to dive down the rabbit hole in search of new and wonder-filled Aha moments – the kind that nourish and build ever stronger I.M.Possible muscle.

What is I.M.Possible?

Want to shift your brain beyond the limits of ‘rethink possible’ to ‘reinvent impossible’? If so, I encourage you to add a new dimension these two opposing concepts – I.M.Possible!

What is I.M.Possible? This new term, which in future will become part of our daily vocabulary, describes the ability we all have to make possible outcomes that now appear impossible. Until now, there was no word in our lexicon to describe the process that allows transformation of the ‘impossible’ to a proven ‘possible’. As you progressively apply I.M.Possible Muscle exercises and training on a daily basis, you will begin to experience postive results beyond what you thought possible. I encourage you to stay ahead of the curve. Start using the term I.M.Possible and put the constructs into use every time you feel yourself sliding into ‘impossible’ mode. As you learn to reset your thinking under any circumstances, you will gain a fresh way to view and interact with the wonders and challenges that come your way each day!

How can you apply the I.M.Possible process to your own life? Here are just 6 of the areas where you’ll see major results once you begin using the strategies I share in my book and blog.

  1. Moods – Pull yourself out of black moods and push into positive action
  2. Relationships – Lift away from toxic relationships toward healthy ones
  3. Distractions – Identify and replace unhealthy distractions with fulfilling productive actions
  4. Choices – Resist mental and emotional manipulation and take control of your thinking processes
  5. Inspiration – Get creative, innovate and energized when you slip into a slump
  6. Chaos – Reset your brain time and again so you can move forward productively and calmly through times of chaos and overwhelm

To discover new insights, resources and science-based mental tools to help you remain calm, focused, productive and renew your sense of wonder day after day, follow the I-M-Possible Power Posts. Think of each as an exercise in building brain strength without the aching muscles next day.

Coming Up Next: How I.M.Possible Thinking Turbocharges Your Brain!

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