Break Through to Success when Success Seems Impossible

  • stretch beyond the possible
  • rethink impossible
  • do the I.M.Possible!
  • Have you a dream or goal that seems impossible to achieve?
  • Have you ever said to yourself, “i know what I need to do, but it’s impossible because…”
  • Why does ‘the impossible’ give way for some, and not for others?

Did you know that all great achievers, consciously or not, have followed a formula for building I.M.Possible Muscle? Now you can absolutely do the same! I.M.Possible achievement pioneer, author and speaker Jamie DeNovo will teach you how.

Yes, today brain science research confirms that, by practicing in the right way, each of us can achieve personal, family, social and professional successes that once appeared to be impossible.

I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind

The Power to Achieve Success When Success Seems Impossible

Over a period of four years, Jamie DeNovo worked with one of the world’s foremost neuroscientist to encapsulate the micro-processes of breakthrough in a blueprint anyone can customize and use instantly, under the most challenging circumstances.

Incorporating neuroscience fact, real world challenges and the wonderland of metaphor, this groundbreaking approach to overcoming obstacles to happiness, fulfillment and goal achievement will allow anyone to personally experience I.M.Possible results.

The I.M.Possible Visionary, Jamie DeNovo

Jamie DeNovo PictureJamie DeNovo is an author, speaker, life coach, entrepreneur and entrepreneur whose background is chock full of impossible to I.M.Possible experiences. For the past 20 years, Jamie has played leadership roles in corporate communications, client support and business development in the Homeland Security sector. As co- founder of a niche company providing innovative electronic solutions for critical security requirements, she provided the vision and directorship for many of the company’s against the odds achievements.

The I.M.Possible Scientist, Dr. Bryan Kolb, PHD., FRSC

Dr. Bryn KolbRevered in the neuroscience community as one of the pioneers of behavioural neuroscience, Dr. Bryn Kolb and a colleague co-wrote Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology, said to have defined the field of neuropsychology. First published in 1980, it is now in its sixth edition. Dr. Kolb has published numerous textbooks and articles and been the recipient of many national and international honors, including the Group of One Hundred, which gathers together the world’s most eminent neuroscientists.


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