Imagine what you could do if science came up with a pill that could make you…

  • smarter
  • more creative
  • more able to work together cooperatively to uncover new solutions and create positive outcomes for all

Brain Image

Best of all, the pill would have zero harmful side effects. All you would have to do is use it as directed and do some simple exercises!

How much would you pay for such a pill? More to the point perhaps, is what do you think manufacturers would charge for that pill?

Now imagine if, instead of a pill, there was a word that would have the same affect on your brain. And it’s free. No manufacturer could limit your access or charge you to experience its benefits.

All you’d have to do is:

  1. use as directed
  2. practice the simple exercises to build your new abilities moment by moment
  3. share with others to multiply the benefits

If your response is “Impossible!”, get ready to become a believer. Not only does this word now exist, it was developed as the result of brain science research, and it’s effectiveness is backed by real world results. Now, you can tap into it’s power even if don’t believe right now – even if you can’t think positive!

What is this revolutionary word?


Image of brain lifting weights

This is the brain game-changer term that, when used in context, will give you new power to break through mental ‘impossible’ territory, discover solutions and create outcomes that now seem impossible.

As you exercise your I.M.Possible Muscle, you’ll become aware of the impact of everyday words on your brain. You will understand how to shift into I.M.Possible thinking and make a significant difference in your thoughts, behaviours and outcomes.

I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind

The Power to Achieve Success When Success Seems Impossible

How does I.M.Possible make you smarter?

Language and words are the constructs through which we understand the world and perceive reality. If we don’t have a word for it, our brain can’t link to a concept in a conscious way. Until now our language has not had a word to describe the transformation of a condition thought to be impossible (or not possible).

The brain can’t light up networks simultaneously for both possible and impossible. The two represent opposing concepts, each signifying a neural mindset. What was missing was a transformational word – a word that signals your brain to bridge the two, opening the way from mindset to mindshift, from possible to impossible – to I.M.Possible.


  • Doable. Achievable. Open-ended. Impersonal. Possible can refer to either a positive or negative outcome. Such as “It is possible to win the lottery if I buy enough tickets.” Or “It is possible to lose all my money trying to buy tickets to win the lottery.” There is still enough of a natural safety net associated with this word to activate brain circuits associated with brain regions associated with feelings of comfort.

Impossible - Not possible

  • Unchangeable condition. Closed. Not negotiable. Impossible signals a mental no-go zone. “This wall is not going to move.” “No possible solution here.”


  • I will Make way for a new base Possible. A melding of above two distinct and opposing states, requiring a different circuitry process. A personal declaration of commitment and accountability, characterized by goal ownership and a transition from mindset to mindshift to the realm of conditions now believed impossible. Discomfort feelings are accepted as an integral part of the process.

Clearly, working with what is possible is absolutely necessary, and does play an essential role. But dependence on ‘possible’ thought networks won’t connect you with your ultimate potential. As we practice building I.M.Possible Muscle and our brain becomes familiar with the full meaning of the term ‘I.M.Possible’, we will build increasingly stronger networks between those two main ‘impossible’ and ‘possible’ panels.

We will be able to ‘light up’ and connect ideas that couldn’t otherwise be accessed. “Rethink possible” is a useful concept for thinking in the context of existing platforms. But to actually break new ground, whether personal, professional, spiritual, social – any area at all – you must rethink the impossible. I.M.Possible is the doorway from mindset to mindshift, the territory of discovery, innovation and purpose understanding and fulfilment.

From Impossible to I.M.Possible

Is there something in your life you wish you could change, but it seems impossible from where you are right now?

How would your life change if you discovered you actually had the power to overcome old limitations, and achieve the very thing you thought was impossible, not once but again and again?

Even if you don’t believe right now – you will soon discover you really do have the ability to transform your impossible situation into an I.M.Possible victory. Starting in the very next moment!

Image of brain doing a hand standToday brain science research confirms that all great achievers, consciously or not, have followed a system for building from impossible to I. M. Possible power. I. M. Possible Muscle for The Mind encapsulates the micro-processes behind breakaway thinking and breakthrough accomplishment into a micro-blueprint that can be customized individually for any situation. The techniques can be used instantly, under the most challenging of circumstances.

The miracles can begin for you, too. Prepare to imagine, to begin, to believe. You will never think ‘impossible’ again!

By practicing in the right way, anyone can progressively build the power of I.M.Possible. In moment by moment steps, not complex leaps, you will learn how to:

  • change self-defeating behaviors
  • tap into the super power of novelty
  • take control of your focus
  • create forward-moving momentum to achieve outcomes that once seemed impossible!